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Add an outdoor space to your home.  A place to relax or entertain. Create your own resort where house guests can glamp. Designed and built in Santa Barbara by The Tent Merchant Inc. Years of knowledge of renting tents has culminated in this unique Cabana. Ships nation wide on a pallet. Assembles in a few hours.

All models include a 10’ by 10’ deck with corner and side walls. Front doors with canvas. Eight side windows with four back canvas windows. Side and back canvas awnings. Canvas top on douglas fir frame. All canvas is Sunforger water repellent, mildew resistant 100% natural color cotton.

Optional items at an additional cost include black 98% translucent mesh curtains with track on all sides. The base model deck is 6” high. For an additional cost a legs can be added which includes 12” legs with leg pads. The additional legs allows for the deck height to range between 16” to 21”.

All Cabanas include detailed assembly instructions. The Cabana will be shipped in a crate on a pallet. It consists of 10 modular deck panels, 3 siding panels, 4 spreaders and a top frame. It takes to individuals with a ladder and a power drill to assemble. When built on grass or dirt plywood wood blocks, or cement pavers are all that are needed to help level the legs. The entire process can be done in a few hours.