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Candle Large Mont Blanc EtuHome Unscented


Standing tall at almost 12,000 feet, Mont Blanc is the highest mountain in the Alps and also the highest in Europe. The name means White Mountain in French and sits close to the resort areas of Chamonix and the Italian border. This elegant candle is pure white like the Mountain's peak and unscented, as designed to live on your dining table and not mask the aromas of your freshly prepared meal. Bring the natural beauty of the Alps into your home with our Mont Blanc candle.  Our sophisticated candle collection is an extension of our obsession for travel and exploration. Propelled by a passion for rich history and timeless design, etúHOME captures the spirit of Europe – in scented candles. Each essential oil candle has its own story, each unique in its artisan craftsmanship. No different from our sustainable products and our attention to detail, each component of our wax candles is thoughtfully chosen ensuring a high quality and luxurious result. Our candles contain the finest essential oils created in Grasse, France, the perfume capital of the world, boasting ingredients that turn us instantly sentimental of our favorite European cities. The essential oils are hand mixed with a blend of high-quality mineral and vegetal waxes. Used together, this customized blend guarantees the candle’s longevity, keeps the scent powerful each time you burn it all while providing an elegant and smooth appearance. Our wicks are hand selected based on the size and fragrance of the candle. Altogether, this allows for an optimal and long burn while diffusing the room fragrance evenly and intensely throughout the candle’s life, ensuring a positive experience each time. After years of bringing you the European lifestyle, we are now offering an olfactory experience to enhance your living space. Burn time: 100+ hours Artisanal, hand-poured candle Mineral and vegetal wax blend 35.3 ounces Caring for your candle: Before you light your etúHOME candle, trim the wick to ¼ inch. By shortening the wick, you allow it to burn more slowly. The first time you burn your etúHOME candle, allow it to burn until the entire surface liquefies. This will help your candle burn more evenly the next time. Keep your luxury candle lit for no more than 4 hours at a time to ensure maximum fragrance output. After blowing out your etúHOME candle, re-center and straighten the wick. Length: 7"Width: 7"Height: 3.5"Weight: 3.60 lb

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