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Difusser Porto Vecchio EtuHome Fig Leaf and Sea Salt


Honoring the stylish port city of Porto-Vecchio, a natural harbor on the mountainous French island Corsica, this oil diffuser is a breath of fresh air. Ordered by the governor of Genoa in 1584, all landowners were required to plant a fig tree each year. With its exceptional sunny and dry climate, Corsica produces some of the highest quality figs in the Mediterranean. Our Porto-Vecchio home fragrance boasts a distinctive blend of fresh aromas with top notes of ripened figs followed by a pinch of sea salt which adds a touch of crispness. An alternative vessel to its candle counterpart, this diffuser energizes and refreshes your spirit while it transports you to the warm sunlit shores of the Mediterranean through scented oils. Length: "Width: "Height: "Weight: 1.65 lb

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